September 28, 2017. Morning traffic. At least he's not texting.

Arrows point to just some of the many hints that give this away as a credit card scam.

Auto Repair Businesses targeted for credit card fraud. Here's how it works: After making initial contact to request vehicle repair work, the scammer will offer to pay money via a credit card (usually stolen card details). They will ask the business to take an amount as a deposit to secure services and extra to cover the cost of the payment to the towing or shipping company e.g. $500 deposit and $1800 for the towing or shipping company.
The business will be asked to pay the fictitious towing or shipping company by wire transfer – an electronic payment system which is virtually untraceable and often used by scammers.Auto repair shops targeted for Phishing scams. Fortunately you can easily tell it's a scam by the poor language translation and hints like asking for your address, even though they managed to find your email. (And in this case, our address is in our email signature. I suspected this was a fraud based on the initial email based on the fact that he/she wanted to know about credit card processing before discussing details of the work. A true owner of such a beautiful truck, would want to discuss the work and speak to the mechanic directly.

From Autobahn Imports. Full story here:

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